Incentives and Support

Our Vision

An inspiration may change life
An idea may lead to wonders
An innovation may sparkle into a milestone

Let us be inspired, share ideas and drive innovation together

Lanzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone strives to enhance innovation, research and international cooperation, cross-regional and cross-all acquisitions, industrial concentration and restructuring, transformation and upgrading. Policies aim to accelerate upstream and downstream industrial chains such as biomedicine-related production equipment, raw material supply, logistics, sales and service outsourcing.
Incentives include:

  • Financial support
  • Development funds
  • Bank credit
  • Loan support
  • Tax incentives for enterprises, institutions or talented individuals

Different teams of the Development Zone Office provides advice from basic research to commercialization across the whole chain in biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, digital information, renewable energy and other leading industries have been systematically drawn up.

Details of these investment benefits can be found here.