Industry sectors

Renewable Energy and Eco-friendly Industry

Gansu has an abundance of energy resources:

  • Hydroelectricity is generated at several locations. A renowned facility is the installation at Liujiaxia Gorge along the Yellow River.
  • Oilfields with 1-billion-ton reserves have been discovered.
  • In addition, there is considerable solar power potential in the province, some areas receive an average of up to 2,900 to 3,300 hours of annual sunshine.
  • With parts of the Province buffeted by strong, prevailing winds, wind power is tapped for generating electricity. The Wind Power Project of Nuclear Energy in Gansu is the first project demonstrating parity wind power of the grid-connected power generation in China.


Gansu has accelerated the development of 9 major eco-friendly industries:

    • energy conservation and environmental protection
    • clean production
    • clean energy
    • circular agriculture
    • traditional Chinese medicine
    • cultural tourism
    • channel logistics
    • data and information
    • advanced manufacturing

For example, a national modern agricultural industrial park has been established. The new intelligent glass greenhouse has become a demonstration project of agriculture in cold and dry conditions.

Non-ferrous Metals Industry

Gansu enjoys abundant resources and many varieties of non-ferrous metals. Its nickel reserves rank first in the country, while those of aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten and platinum-group elements are plentiful. The industry’s scale is expanding rapidly as the production volume of non-ferrous metals has maintained rapid growth in recent years. Due to the nonferrous metals clustered in Lanzhou, Jinchang and Baiyin, State-level nonferrous metal new material industrial bases have been formed in Gansu.

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Intelligent manufacturing

High-end equipment: Professionalized, intelligentized and informationized equipment, monitoring equipment and comprehensive solution service 3D Printing: Additive manufacturing and R&D, accelerating R&D of 3D printing equipment, cultivating and developing 3D printing application service Robots: Industrial robot series products, service robot series products, domestic and foreign data service, intelligent interaction, motion control, positioning and navigation, image identification and other core technologies of robotic system.


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Haimo Technologies
Oil and gas field intelligent stimulation system (oil well surface intelligent monitoring system, intelligent stratified water injection system, intelligent stratified oil production system).

Seemine Memory Alloy Co., Ltd.
It is the first enterprise in China to realize the large-scale production of shape memory alloys and the largest industrial base.

Nuclear fuel

The Lanzhou Heavy Ion Accelerator Center is the largest heavy ion research facility in China and one of the few large-scale full-ion accelerating systems in the world. It can accelerate all ions (from hydrogen to uranium) to high energy Research include: The physics of Radioactive Beams; the synthesis and Decay Properties of new nuclides far from the stable line; the collisions of low-and middle-energy heavy ions and thermonuclear properties; the structure of high-spin Nuclei; the nuclear theory; Heavy ion beam applied research in solid state physics, materials science, life sciences, astrophysics, and heavy ion accelerator physics and technology.

New material

Nanometer materials: new materials such as nanometer functional material with biosensing technique.

Lithium battery materials: R&D and production of anode material of nickel, cobalt and manganese lithium batteries, nonferrous metal powder material, high pure metal and nickel alloy bar etc.

Rare earth materials: functional materials for rare earth polishing, hydrogen storage, permanent magnet and shining.

Life Science and Biomedical Industry

Talk with Mr. Ma Yaping, CEO of Ji Shi Pharmaceutical Company

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology acknowledges the significant driving force of Lanzhou High-tech zone on the development of the biomedical life science industry in China.

With expert knowledge and advantages of Gansu’s biological and medical resources, Chinese and natural medicines, chemical drugs, biological products, medical devices and tumor diagnosis, they strengthen leading and complementary chains forming clusters for growth. Lanzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has built a multi-level life science innovation and development system, promoting the advancement of biology and medicine industry with scale, and impact. Furthermore, the only biological product batch issuing center in Northwest China is located in the high-tech zone.


  • Biomedicine: Vaccine, blood product, diagnostic reagent and medicine screening, biopharmaceuticals, antineoplastic, anti-hepatitis B, anti-diabetes chemical pharmaceutical, modern and traditional Chinese medicine
  • Biotechnology: CRO outsourcing service, genome technology, biological database
  • Health service: Telemedicine, precision medicine, health care for the elderly with Chinese medicine, eHealth management, etc.
  • The first tumor therapy system with carbon ion; its independent intellectual property rights has been approved and listed on the market

R & D institutions such as Gansu Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, Peptide Valley Research Institute, Chinese Medicine Modern Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Institute have been established to achieve resource sharing and interconnectivity.


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Energy conservation industry

Such as downgrade flow power technology, ground rock heat technology, energy storage technology, hydrogen cell, lithium ion battery etc.

Environmental protection

Air pollution control, municipal sewage treatment, water conservation technology, natural resources utilization efficiency, carbon sink forest plantation, ecological protection in the Yellow River Basin. These are the various targeted programs actively engaged by industries in the Zone.


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