Working in Gansu

For some time, pioneers, pathfinders, innovators and developers used their best time to make this place a “cradle of dreams” for many dreamers. Here are their stories.

Li Jian is a pathfinder for enterprises in the region. When he first arrived here, the business format was thin and fragmented, and he was “confused.” With the rise of the three major industries of biomedicine, new materials and high-end manufacturing in Lanzhou High-tech Zone, Li Jian’s company has jumped from a faltering start to nurturing the development of the high-tech zone.
Witnessing the growth of Lanzhou High-tech Zone is Gao Qian who has worked in the Investment Promotion Bureau for 22 unforgettable years. Facing steep competitions from investment promotion in other highly developed areas in China, the task was difficult. However, as the target orientation became clearer and clearer, the effect of industrial clusters became more and more prominent, companies now “seek the door” of Lanzhou. She said “I have deep feelings for this place and confidence.”

As one of the builders of Lanzhou High-tech Zone, Wu Zhenhua has been employed since he was 27 years old and has been working for 14 years. Talking about the reasons for working in Lanzhou High-tech Zone, Wu Zhenhua said that the systems and mechanisms here are very innovative in all aspects attracting more people want to maximize their own ideals.

Li Yuting is currently employed in Lanzhou High-tech Zone Zhonglian Assets Appraisal Group (Gansu) Co., Ltd. When she was a “post-95” student, she set her future employment goals here. She feels that it is full of technology and modernity, high-tech enterprises come here one after the other, the atmosphere is lively and prosperous, and the development environment is good.


Born in Lanzhou in 1990, Dan Su used to work as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley. In 2017, she returned to Lanzhou and founded Gansu Yuanzhan Information Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, she is engaged in the research of big data algorithms, data mining algorithms and applications, and cloud computing technology. The company is one of the youngest high-tech enterprises in Gansu. During the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, her company developed the “Gansu Province Science and Technology Business Incubator and Makerspace Epidemic Supervision System.”

Without knowledge of the local business environment in 2017, she made mistakes and took a lot of detours. Later, with support from government, she gradually started her business on the right track. First, the government supported the transformation of scientific research to integrate advanced technologies with industrial application development and produced stronger competitive products. Secondly, she knew that a person’s power is limited. Start-ups need to work with universities and large enterprises to have the opportunity to communicate with more people. Soon after, she actively looked for cooperation to develop market’s need and to foster integration of schools, large local enterprises, and entrepreneurial groups. Finally, she actively shared her experiences with young students and entrepreneurs.

As a new generation of entrepreneurs, she recognizes the responsibility to strengthen own “craftsman spirit,” realize the change from the pursuit of external value to the recognition of internal value, and realize the transition from “Made in China” to “Created in China.”