The official ceremony was successfully held at the Gansu Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center.
Sun Yu, member of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Lanzhou High-tech Zone, presided over the ceremony.
At the event, Deng Taihua, Vice President of Huawei and President of the Computing Product Line, said that Lanzhou has obvious geographical advantages, a solid industrial foundation, abundant scientific research resources, and the gathering of talents from colleges and universities, which has good conditions for the development of the digital economy.
In the future, Huawei will work with partners to focus on the development of Lanzhou’s new computing power industry chain centered on Kunpeng’s new computing power technology, to create a development environment, cultivate professional talents, build industrial clusters, and provide solid computing power for the development of Lanzhou’s digital economy.
Computing power economy mainly refers to an economic form with data as the key production factor and computing power as the core productivity focus.
In 2019, under the support of policies such as the “Special Action Plan for the Development of the Data and Information Industry in Gansu Province”, Gansu and Huawei reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation on jointly building a computing industry ecosystem, which has since kicked off the construction of Gansu’s computing industry ecosystem.
Since then, Lanzhou strives to accelerate the development pace of “resource digitization, digital industrialization, and industrial digitization”, and focuses on cutting-edge fields such as industrial Internet, blockchain, and 5G. , vigorously implement key projects such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, and intelligent medical care, and promote the application of the new generation of information technology in various fields.